Keep up to current software

Installing operating system and applications for upcoming software updates is essential. Always install your device’s most recent security updates and if you don’t know any of them firsthand, you should hire an expert and use them and have managed security services.

  1. They will turn on Automatic operating system updates.
  2. Use online browsers that get regular, automatic security upgrades, such as Chrome or Firefox.
  3. The professionals will ensure that browser plug-ins are all up to date.

Practice proper handling of passwords

We each have many passwords to handle and taking shortcuts like using the similar password to make it easier for you to remember or to save your time is wrong. A strong password can help you keep all your accounts strong.

There are primum applications that can generate strong passwords for you, automatically input credentials and remind you to regularly change your passwords

Don’t be the target

It’s not like hackers always have a target, because sometimes they even hack and target people with no broad company background. So, anyone of us can be in danger and there is a lot to do to safeguard ourselves.

Avoid phishing scams

Phishing schemes are a continuous danger. We have seen that cyber criminals try to divulge personal information such as their login ID and password, bank or credit card information using different social engineering methods. That’s why you should never click any strange link and do not open any stranger email from an unknown id.

Don’t keep gadgets unattended

The physical safety of your equipment is just as essential as its technological safety.

  1. There might be times, when you need to leave your laptop, phone, or tablet. You have to lock it so that none of the others can get access to it.
  2. Make sure your protected data is encrypted and secured on a flash disk or external hard drive.
  3. If your desktop PCs are not in use, lock your screen or shut down the system for safety.

Safely use mobile gadgets

  1. Be smart and never forget to Lock your smartphone and never leave it publicly exposed.
  2. Also, it is advised that you should only install applications from trustworthy sources like Apple AppStore, Google Play, etc.

Most handheld devices can use data encryption and find out from any expert about it. You can see the manual for available choices for your device also.