If you have ever stared at your favorite tree and thought it would look perfect on the other side of the property. It may seem impossible, but transporting a tree is definitely possible. Depending on your budget you will need to research tree transplanting companies in your area.

What is the Cost to Transplant A Tree (Large or Small)?

There is no standard cost for a tree relocating service. Professional tree specialist examines your tree and your property to give you an estimate.

The cost can differ due to factors like the size of the tree where it is located if it needs a spade, specialized machinery, a large crew to manually remove the tree and prepare the roots for relocation to a new area.

How is a Tree Transplant Priced? 

Before the tree expert gives you, an estimate there are some cues that will let you know the price range you will probably be paying.

The Size of The Tree

Relocating a large tree from one point to another requires more work than moving a small moderate-sized tree. Furthermore, the tree specialist may not advise you not to move a large tree. The bigger the tree, the greater likelihood the tree will have adverse effects on the root system as a substantial amount will be lost during preparation and post-transplantation.


Arborist usually charge by the hour, hence complicated jobs that require additional time will cost more. Choose a company that will be honest about the length of the project and how quickly they can get the job done.

The Crew and Machinery

To be safely relocated, some trees will require a crew of tree specialists or special machines that will drive your bill up. In contrast, small trees do not need as much work and will cost less.


If the position of the tree is hard to get to, or it’s a brand-new home that requires more preparation this will increase the overall cost of moving the tree. There may be dilemmas such as uneven land or a septic system that could require more work. The conditions of your yard will be factored into the estimate.

How Do I Find a Tree Transplanting Service Near Me?

Transplantation is a complicated and dangerous process. Contact a professional to ensure your tree is safely removed and transplanted.

 Research local tree relocation businesses like Environmental Design Inc who is a licensed, insured, and accredited company that puts its customers first.