A thorough travel insurance plan by bajaj allianz travel insurance typically includes emergency medical evacuation insurance. It is also known as medical repatriation and evacuation insurance.

The maximum coverage amount varies from plan to plan, so if this is essential to you, make sure to look around for a large coverage amount and also carry out the right bajaj allianz travel insurance renewal process.

The best travel insurance policies provide medical evacuation for up to $1 million per person. Although it may appear expensive, evacuation costs might quickly mount. The cost of an emergency evacuation will vary depending on your location, care needs, and medical condition. Here are the typical coverages for medical evacuation insurance.

  • Emergency transportation

If you become extremely ill or injured while travelling and need rapid care, medical evacuation insurance can cover the expense of emergency transportation to the closest adequate treatment facility. If medically required, it may also cover the cost of your return transportation. Or, if you have received treatment but need to travel back to the United States for additional care or to recover, it may cover your airfare.

  • A health escort when you go home

Medical evacuation insurance can cover the price of medical escort services if you need specialised treatment for the travel home, such as a doctor who can give you intravenous antibiotics or oxygen during the flight.

  • The expense of a friend or family member travelling with you

Your medical evacuation travel insurance can pay for a round-trip flight for a friend or relative to come to stay with you if you wind up in the hospital while on vacation due to a sickness or injury that is covered by your policy. Typically, a minimum hospital stay is necessary to qualify for this benefit. Your benefits of travel insurance can be applicable, for instance, if you are informed that you will be hospitalised for seven days or more.

  • The cost for your children to fly home

Your travel insurance provider can make arrangements for your kids to fly home or to another destination if you end up in the hospital while on vacation. With the exception of any returns for unused plane tickets, your benefits can cover the expense. There is often a minimum amount of hospital days that must be met in order to submit a claim for this benefit. *

  • Repatriation of remains

Your evacuation coverage may include repatriation benefits that will help cover the expense of returning your remains if you or a travelling companion passes away while on your trip.

When is medical evacuation insurance necessary?

If you get critically ill or hurt while travelling and no facilities nearby have the resources to treat your condition, medical evacuation benefits can help. Your travel insurance provider, for instance, can arrange for medevac services to the closest hospital that can treat you if you sustain serious injuries in a car accident in China. This hospital may be located somewhere in China, in another nation, or even in the United States. Your travel insurance provider will act as a liaison to make the transportation arrangements on your behalf.

How do you purchase travel insurance for a medical evacuation?

A stand-alone travel medical plan or a complete bajaj allianz travel insurance package both offer medical evacuation travel insurance.

A comprehensive travel insurance package that also includes trip cancellation insurance, travel delay insurance, trip interruption insurance, and baggage insurance is frequently acquired together with travel medical insurance and emergency medical transportation insurance.

Look for this small print

The following information varies depending on the plan and travel insurance provider, so be sure to study it.

  • Hospital stay requirements
  • Hospital of choice
  • Exclusions of extreme sports

Make sure the bajaj allianz travel insurance renewal procedure is completed on time.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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