Millennials now hold the title of being the largest generation. They are often dubbed the wellness generation since they value health the most. But then, that does not guarantee that most of them are already leading healthy lives.

In reality, millennials are in worse health than baby boomers and Generation X. One can say that their poor financial health can be a reason for their poor health. When someone has thousands of dollars’ worth in debt, this can take a toll on their health.

Why Gen Y Is Skipping Doctor Visits

Aside from struggling financially, millennials also find it hard to be able to afford healthcare. The rising price of healthcare makes it difficult for them to prioritize health visits. Another reason why many millennials are skipping doctor’s visits is due to their changing consumer needs.

Millennials are tech-savvy, crave connection, and are after convenience as well as price transparency. Usually, health appointments are impersonal, take too long, and involve too many time-consuming tasks. All these are sure-fire ways to turn millennial patients away.

This is why millennials are turning to CAM or complementary and alternative medicine. They like to explore their healthcare options. As a result, more are turning to CAM while fewer are committed to health appointments.

Thankfully, more healthcare practitioners find ways to better accommodate their millennial patients. They now incorporate online marketing to educate millennials on the importance of regular health visits. They also use the power of online scheduling, virtual health checkups, and personalized patient experience.

These days, doctors are also taking the next step by being thorough in every patient’s checkups and making timely diagnoses. This is why more people are now being diagnosed with conditions that used to be treated a bit too late. One example is the growing number of people being diagnosed and getting treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

But Why Are Most Doctor Visits Unsuccessful?

One of the reasons why many patients believe their doctor’s visits are unsuccessful is that they themselves did not prepare for the checkup. One might think that the only thing you need for a health appointment is to bring yourself to talk to your doctor and let them know your health concerns. This leads to some symptoms left alone and questions unanswered.

There are also times when doctors don’t think much about their patient’s symptoms. When doctors don’t find anything wrong with their patients, they simply tell them there is nothing to worry about. This makes their patients think there is really nothing wrong with them until their conditions get worse.

How Do You Prepare for a Consultation?

The key to a successful doctor’s visit is to make sure you are well-prepared for it. This is especially true if you have an existing condition, have a history of a serious ailment, or have new symptoms to share. Here are some ideas to help you better prepare for your next health checkup.

Keep a List

One can never go wrong by having a list of signs, symptoms, health information, recent changes in your life that are stressing you, and questions you can ask your doctor. This will help you remember all the important details. This can also aid your doctor in making the correct diagnosis.

Let’s say you are feeling exhausted even after resting, eating well, and getting enough sleep. Listing your experience and signs and symptoms will help your doctor the possible causes, make a diagnosis, and recommend a treatment regime.

Know What to Bring

What you need to bring to a doctor’s appointment will depend on many things. For one, if you see a new doctor or seek a second opinion, it helps if you take initial medical tests and results. It also helps if you take family records with you, especially if you have significant medical health histories within your family.

Don’t forget a list showing all prescription meds you have been taking. If you are taking any over-the-counter drugs, make sure to mention them too. It also helps to show them a record of current issues, allergies, surgical interventions, and treatments, as well as your list of healthcare providers.

What to Focus on During the Visit

On the big day, be early, inform your doctor’s office if you require special accommodations. It also helps to check if your doctor takes your insurance. This will eliminate unnecessary health bills.

During the health visit, be honest and relaxed. Tell your doctor about your concerns and the unusual signs and symptoms you are experiencing. Ask questions, listen intently, follow their recommendations, and don’t forget about your follow-up checkups.

This list shows why many health visits are unsuccessful. Thankfully, there are ways you can make it work. Learn how to prepare for your next health visit and start your journey to a healthier you.