When you are searching for a reputable Bangkok digital agency to assist you with your company marketing, there are many questions you will want to ask them. The more questions you ask, the better understanding you will have of the agency and whether they are the best fit for your business. Below are some questions you can ask each agency you speak with to help locate the best one for the job and ensure you see an excellent return on your digital marketing investment.

What Is Your Experience?

You will want to ask each agency about their experience and the various campaigns they work on in different industries. You will want to ensure that the digital agency you choose to work with is highly experienced and reputable and can help increase the online visibility of your business.

Do You Have Experience In Our industry?

You will also want to ask potential digital agencies whether they have experience working in your industry. Although it is not a prerequisite when an agency has experience in your industry, they can hit the ground running as they know the best keywords to focus on and understand your customer base.

Do You Outsource Any Work?

It is also worth asking potential digital agencies whether they outsource any of their work. When an agency does all the tasks in-house, they can quality control it much better than when it is outsourced to third parties. However, there are still excellent digital agencies that outsource some tasks that can do an excellent job on your marketing and help increase your online visibility.

How Long Before We Can Expect Results?

You will also want to ask potential agencies how long it will take before you can expect to see significant results from your marketing efforts. It is difficult to put an exact timeframe on this, and you will want to listen to how the agencies approach this subject and choose the one you can best communicate with for your marketing needs.

What Metrics Do You Report On?

It is also vital to ask potential digital agencies about the metrics they will report on to update you on the progress of your marketing campaign. You will want to ensure that they use various metrics to gauge the success of your efforts and not just focus on rankings, which some agencies still do. They need to show you an improvement in the traffic to your website that converts into paying customers, not how high you rank for vanity keywords.