A selection of stock shape raw plastic materials

Since its inception in 1980, Supply Services Limited has been supplying technical high-performance plastics for industries throughout New Zealand. Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength and are now widely accepted as the most trusted plastic machining specialist for NZ’s food and beverage industry.

The success of their operation stems from their many long-standing working relationships, formed with quality suppliers both home and abroad, as well as the trust and respect they have gained from those leading players in NZ’s food manufacturing industry. They pride themselves on supplying products that are FDA or EU10/2011 certified, which allows them to meet the stringent demands of US and EU regulations, vitally important for customers who export to these markets.

Their products are used across the entire food and beverage industry and play a vital role in improving efficiency, safety, and competitive standing. Whatever part you need, from large to minor components, Supply Services Ltd can make it happen.

Product Safety & Assurance

Supply Services Ltd understands that where food and beverage products are processed in a commercial setting, all the components involved (especially those

that come into direct contact) must comply with international standards to ensure non-toxicity and the non-release of harmful substances to human health.

To ensure total accountability and seamless traceability, Supply Services Ltd issues order-related certificates of conformity from the manufacturer to confirm the validity and quality of the plastic materials to the customer.

Their commitment to safety comes not only from their internal processes but also from their wide range of materials that offer a higher level of protection from contamination. The innovative design of the visually detectable materials, e.g., vivid blues, or detectable or ultra-detectable plastics that can be seen via metal detectors and x-ray machines, help production lines identify food contamination before it is sent out the door. The application possibilities for technical plastics are truly endless, and with the constant improvements in design and innovation, Supply Services Ltd are making the food and beverage industry a safer and more reliable operation.

Capability & Service

There are several value-added services that Supply Services Ltd offers its customer base. Those looking for high-grade plastic stock shapes can easily choose from the wide range available online or on location from suppliers such as (but not limited to) Ensinger Plastics, Polymer Industries, and TriStar Plastics. Or, for customers who require an end-to-end service, Supply Services Ltd’s in-house engineering plastics specialists will work with you from start to finish to scope the correct material, design the part, and then CNC machine it to the precise measurements needed.

Their tight-knit in-house operation allows them to be fully flexible and open to any customer request. Often a potential client will approach them with a mechanical issue or a simple drawing of a machine part which they can use their combined expertise to design, engineer, and CNC machine the perfect part. Their technician specialists pride themselves in their ability to make any plastic component from scratch, designed by them completely bespoke and custom-made for their customers. This level of service gives their customers the peace of mind that they will receive the best possible food-grade component for their machine.

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For a perfectly engineered plastic component, look to New Zealand’s own Supply Services Ltd; customers from all over the country have reaped the benefits of their combined wealth of experience, expert services, and quality plastic solutions. Reach out to one of their technical specialists today to discuss your application requirements.