Reconditionned transformer are perfect for any manufacturing or electrical distribution facility. It is advantageous because of its speed of replacement. It shortens the time in events like a lightning strike, catastrophic failure or internal fault and the time this replacement transformer takes to be back is proved beneficial for the owners.

When it comes to replacing a part of the equipment, speed is one of the major concerns. Whether your facility is large or small in scale, or any nature of industry you serve, those who require power to keep the business operations running smoothly, want minimum downtime to bring the lights back on. No matter if it a large plant or a utility company, a refinery or a coal mine, each of them needs power to run and when it goes out, it needs to come back quickly or else it will even hamper with the operational functions of these facilities. Unluckily, time is never in your control.

When you have to wait for 4 to 5 months for a custom built replacement for a defunct transformer, it can be deteriorating for any business. The reason why replacement transformer takes long is that these transformers are rarely kept in stock, and if they do, it is most likely that this very stock transformer would have the ideal size and specification as demanded. When it comes to manufacturing and electrical distribution industry, everything needs to be in order. If the failed transformer is stuck between primary and secondary gear, then it is hard to slot one between the two. Hence, if you need a replacement transformer with urgency, visit us.

Another obstruction to replace a failed transformer is the cost involved. Albeit, it is costly to replace a failed transformer, the cost raises when the company is confronted with ordering a replacement transformer that is rebuilt from the beginning. When you compound this issue, a fact arises that many new federal DOE efficiency standards forbid the transformers to meet the dimensional requirements. In that case, there are only a few replacement options available and a reconditioned transformer is always ideal at this point. A reconditioned transformer from Surplec is perfect for replacing the defunct unit. Additionally, Surplec can bestow the reconditioned transformer with a warranty that is more than the warranty of the manufacturer.

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