Renting an office space in Del Mar can be both exciting and stressful. Setting everything up in a new office is not easy; however, you will be thankful that you did when things settle in place. You may try to rush through the process but you want to ensure you end up with an office that you and your employees enjoy working in. Before you start ordering new equipment and future, there are things you must consider including the following:

Secure More Space Requirements that What you Need Today

When picking an office space, you may be sharing it with many people. You have a new business that only has a few workers. But, will this be the same after two years? Consider where you will put your new hires when choosing a Del Mar office space for rent. By overestimating your office, you can make the most of it. Remember that breaking the lease early when you outgrow the space is quite expensive.

Be Flexible in Your Space Options

You can turn any space into an office with a bit of customization. Expand your search when browsing through options. You can create an office that reflects your company culture and work style about anywhere. Big studies and buildings that used to be retail spaces could become your next office space.

Negotiate your Lease

Do not accept the lease terms the way they are set. If your possible landlord insists that you should handle repairs to the building, you can request for a more favorable clause added to the agreement. You can also negotiate monthly rent, lease durations, and down payments.

Background Check your Landlord

Keep in mind that you will be stuck with the Del Mar landlord for a long time.  So, ensure you will peacefully coexist with this individual. Perform a background check of your landlord and see if they have complaints from other tenants. If so, this should tell you that you may not be able to develop a long-term relationship with the landlord. Also, ensure the landlord owns the property outright. This way, you won’t build a store only to find out a few months later that the office space is being foreclosed upon.

Be Smart in Terms of your Lease Terms

In general, a longer lease provides less expensive rent.  In some instances, leases can go as long as ten years. But, make sure you want to commit to a ten-year lease and whether you will outgrow it before it expires. Should you cancel the lease, what would be the penalty? When deciding the duration of your lease, consider the possibilities you can expect from your business’ situation and how much you will be spending on the monthly rent. If you want to grow your business, you won’t want to be stuck in an office that will hold you back. Try to get a professional tenant broker representing you to negotiate your lease term on your behalf. They can have clauses added to the agreement that gives you the right to terminate the lease early, as well as sublet and assign.