The all In one solar street light can be a new age; compact lighting used Solar panels and LED light, and PIR motion. This type of light uses eh proprietary  LED modern driver technology that combines the classic battery charging method with the highest efficiency-based electronics.

The specialties of the all In one solar street light

This Solar street light uses the motion sensor(PIR) to adjust the LED brightness accordingly. On detecting the movement of the light, the light glows brightly. If no particular movement is seen for 1 minute, then the brightness will be reduced to at least one-third. This intelligent control is combined with the maintenance-free battery (lithium) and provides larger backup time as well as life

Due to the compact size, this type of light is easily mounted by anyone. The light makes use of the automatic operation and needs very little maintenance to be installed. These streetlights make use of the highest quality is made for different environments. It even gives an indication which makes even better to buy solar street light.

Benefits of the solar street lights

Due to the off-grid structure of the solar lights, they incur very little operational costs. Such solar fits are wireless and are also dependent on the utility provider. Compared with the other street lights, these lights require no maintenance. As the external wires are absent, such lights are not a threat to accidents like strangulation, overheating, etc. These solar lights are of service throughout the day, even if there are power cuts or grid failures. You can get them in 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W.

Imperishable source

As we all know, solar energy is not limited; one will never waste the energy if one is staying where there is ample sunlight.


As such solar-powered street light depends on sunlight, one will be rescued from paying the provider each month. Initially, this might look expensive, but they gradually cover up the solar street light price in a few months.

Wide ranges available the Solar light

Technologies are something that developed in recent years. Today one will find a wide selection of lights tang in different types of sizes, styles, etc. The 100W solar street light suitable for both functional purposes as well as for the look wise purpose.

Less maintenance

One is free from thinking about various maintenance. Except for cleaning as well as for a few check-ups, there are no many maintenance charges.

You can find a reputable Solar street light manufacturer out there, and one must always choose the best service provider.