Custom printed boxes are a cost-effective way to improve your company brand, get the attention of more customers, and help your customers recognize your products more easily. These boxes put your brand in front of your customers and at the top of your mind. Instead of packing of products in a plain shipping carton, why not have a packaging that stands out and with a professional look? Adding your company logo, name, website, and contact number will help your customers reach out to your brand. Custom printed boxes from Belley’s warehouse can benefit your business in many ways such as:


Custom printed boxes provide your company with the opportunity to promote your brand. In general, packaging companies also offer printing solutions for custom-printed packaging boxes. You can put your logo, mascot, tagline, and other branding communication on your boxes to create brand awareness.

Adding Product Details

Packaging companies offer the standard packaging boxes in required sizes. However, a printing company will help you add technical details like product model, expiry date, quantity, size, and other relevant shipping details. Also, they let you print bar codes, product codes, or important symbols for the contents of the package that need to be handled properly during transportation.

Making it Easy for Retailers to Receive your Products

Retailers keep some products from various brands in their shops. They will be delighted to get product packages that have relevant product information that will make their life easier. Stacking your products on the shelf will be easier with this information. Also, retailers will try to sell expiring products sooner.

Getting your Brand Recognized

Packaging boxes that have customized brand design or eye-catching colours can result in brand recognition and recall. Your possible customers are likely to see your bulk packaging while being transported from one place to another. With printed boxes, your brand will be easily identified.

You can choose to get the packaging boxes’ surface printed with simple or attractive designs in various colours. Think of a plain brown packaging box in a store and another package that has printed elements of the brand. Which of these you will be attracted to?

Helping Protect the Environment

Packaging boxes are environment-friendly. When promoting eco-friendly products, you must put up the eco-friendly symbol on the packaging. Today, customers tend to connect with a brand which works towards minimising their carbon footprint. Therefore, print your message on to tell your customers that you are a responsible brand.