Magnify Signs is a company that manufactures and sells magnifying signs. The business started as a small shop selling clock signs and tape measures. Currently the company produces business cards, fliers, floor signage and acrylic signs. Magnify Signs has been able to build a good reputation and remains one of the best manufacturers of high-quality business signage.

Magnify Signs has a full stock of neon, digital, and wood-encased magnifying devices. They have developed the technology to project images on any surface possible. A digital display will offer you the most clarity and image accuracy. There are also photo-luminescent pieces available. These can be especially helpful for temporary or seasonal businesses.

Magnify Signs offers different styles of signs for all kinds of businesses. There are sidewalk signs, letter boards, large format signs, plastic signs, and many others. All of these signs are printed with high-end CMYK technology so you get crystal clear text and a great look. Many of these signs feature a UV coating, so they can withstand the harsh UV rays from the sun and will not fade. Many of the business signs feature heavy-duty construction and can withstand heavy-duty use.

Magnify Signs is proud to be one of the best suppliers of advertising materials in the San Diego area and the surrounding areas. We take pride in being the number one source of custom signs for San Diego’s busy businesses. In fact, many of our customers choose us because we are the only place where they can find a complete line of advertising materials that not only are attractively priced but will help to promote their businesses.

The business signs offered by Magnify Signs are perfect for any location. If your business is located on a busy street, such as a major street, you can use our large signs to announce your business. Our signs are great for local businesses that want to advertise their services and products in an appealing way. Our signs are ideal advertising for businesses that have multiple locations or that offer goods and services to customers in multiple locations. You can display your business signs on the outside of your shop, inside of your shop, or anywhere in between!

Magnify Signs can be used on the outside of any business. You can display your business name, phone number, and your company logo on the sign and in front of your business. These signs are so attractive and eye-catching that it won’t be difficult for customers to notice them. With our large, high quality signs, you can attract new customers, increase foot traffic, and bring in more profits. There are so many different uses for your Magnify Signs and you are sure to get the most out of them when you purchase them from us.